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Too noisy - 58%

MohawksAmongUs, June 25th, 2020

Coprobaptized Cunthunter has pushed the boundaries of brutal death metal to a ridiculous level. While bands such as Devourment and Epicardiectomy focus on groovy and catchy slams, CC focuses entirely on being as noisy as possible.

The music is extremely chaotic. At some points it feels like the members are randomly bashing their instruments with no discernible goals. If there is any technicality present, it's buried beneath several layers of extreme distortion. There is nothing memorable here; it's just a pointless sonic bludgeoning that doesn't go anywhere.

The production is very bassy and downtuned; there are only a few recognizable riffs. The rest is barely coherent noise. Think of a slightly sharper version of Enmity or Last Days Of Humanity. The vocals are very generic; wet, distorted gurgles that doesn't seem to follow any structure.

What really stands out in this album is the drumming, basically because the string section is a flurry of randomness that is forced to stay in the background. The drummer's blasts are ocassionally broken up by some well-executed fills that avoid the music from becoming too tiresome.

The cymbals are rather silent, yet they manage to shine despite the cavernous atmosphere. The snare is extremely poppy and tight, however it is not headache-inducing (looking at you, Lars) because it has a hollow sound that doesn't echo excessively.

This is exceedingly repetitive music, so the running time of 20 minutes is almost too long. The album could be 7-8 minutes long and its quality would be untouched. I guess it's a fun experiment, but it's nothing worthwhile.