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Resuscitation Of Evilness demo tape - 60%

ApochWeiss, December 20th, 2009

Resuscitation Of Evilness is the third (allegedly) demo tape by the Finnish band Convulse. The release features four tracks that, surprisingly, sound great for the time they were recorded, and for the fact that this was an independent production. The demo features some really heavy tracks that show great promise for the band with some simple, yet a few inspirational ideas for Death Metal in general.

Take "Godless Truth" for example, having a slightly melodic moment thanks to the distortion utilized on the guitar to create a haunting, almost keyboard-like sound that gives this dark track a brief gothic moment. The guitar solo on "Resuscitation Of Evilness" is something else that should be noted, as it fits the song perfectly and doesn't go too over the top with clashing speed and intensity. Aside that, the pure heaviness of the tape through the guitars, and the blistering drums, really do push the music along well and make it stand out as a release from a band that has a lot to prove, even if it some of it, like the drumming on "Resuscitation Of Evilness" does come off as a bit repetative of what you have already heard in the first two tracks, ending on the same note it started on with the track "Powerstruggle Of Belief", with an outro that kind of leaves you wondering if they actually had an ending for the track, or if it was just something they did to finish it up quickly.

All in all, Resuscitation Of Evilness is a pretty good demo. The clarity of this release is pretty good for the time it was released, but perhaps it is too clear for it's own good. The music is definitely heavy, but ultimately does leave something to be desired production-wise, leaving the music without any real bite to it. Aside that, Convulse shows that they have what it takes to create a formiddable Death Metal release. If you haven't heard their Resuscitation Of Evilness demo, it is definitely worth checking out, as it does hold some gems and stand out moments that weren't too common back when this one was released.

Originally posted on December 20th, 2009 at Apoch's Metal Review