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The Secrets Around Us Are Pure Brutality!!! - 90%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, September 11th, 2007

Holy Shit!!! This Contempt's first album is pure violence! When I bought it for few euro I couldn’t imagine a thing like that…I read a review of this album few days before on Grind Zone magazine, that described it as the new sensation from East Europe in the brutal death metal field, and after have listened to this one I can say that this is fucking true.

This band is not new, being formed in 1990 and, after several demos, the new record is finally out. Empire Records from Poland saw right with this panzer-band. Their stile is a violent, devastating brutal death metal that takes no prisoners. Try to imagine the most violent side of the great bands like Vader, Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation and maybe you can understand the brutality in this album.

After a small intro made of some strange, almost futuristic noises, the violence is unleashed with a small drum intro of Blind Eyes Can’t Speak. The band plays fast, with a great break in the middle where the most technical parts are shown, like in the best Suffocation style. The growls are so low and “underground” that seem to come out from a crypt. What is shocking is the inhuman wall of guitars: the distortion is something rotten but extremely brutal and powerful.

Usually the songs are quite short and never boring. Each one of them has “something” in the music, in the tempos, in the riffs, that can make it out from the others; that is very good for a band that plays brutal like this. The drummer is awesome, he has got everything: he is fast, various and technical. A Dead Stone song begins with one of the most rotten riff I’ve ever heard in this genre; while Go My Boy Go And Die song is slow and evil in the beginning, then is “thrashy”, then gore once again and brutal at the end.

The middle break in the last song, You Must Die, is pure brutality, with that fucking riff that is incredible…so obscure, violent. Oh Fuck! This is a very GOOOOD album that cannot be overlooked by fans of this genre.

Parental Advisory: high dose of brutality that makes your nuts blow up!!!