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Conflagration Debut EP The Voyage from Alderbaran (Primal Aeon) - 100%

Gilles de Rais, May 13th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2019, Digital, Independent

In their debut EP,  The Voyage from Alderbaran (Primal Aeon), black metal band, Conflagration thrusts us into a space voyage as, we are gingerly placed in our front row seats on the rings of Saturn when the cosmic air raid sirens slowly begin to sound.  

The gradient of movement within the EP is so gradual that, you nearly miss it. The low hum and, slow progression into volume is comforting. Sirens morph into pestilent clouds of fear overhead and, by minute seven; the well placed, eerie tone of a small bell rings you back to the fringes of earth. 

Just after minute nine, an indescribably thunderous voice buzzes with electricity like, a UHF channel on an old Television. Over the next several minutes, the sounds converge in time; shape-shifting in size and gravity, from a low orbiting solar system to a more, tightly destructive hurricane. One step over the thirteen minute mark and, we quickly remember what the sounds of air raid sirens cautioned us about the future as, the droning sounds of WWII fighter pilots arrive in their machines of war. 

A haunting whirl of impending doom follows. With closed eyes, you can nearly hear the cadence of boots on the ground and, terrified, slow motion screams guiding you to illusory safety. Entering the 16 minute space, a gentle chaos slowly begins meandering out of the speakers. The dissociative come and go of clatter repeatedly stretches the listener closer to ground zero and, at thirty two minutes... The bombs begin to drop.

The metal on metal clink of euro-machinery drops hints of shakey trigger fingers on dirty firearms. Accompanied by dissonant singing; self soothing, the listener confronts the hiss of liquid attempting to escape shower piping, fastened to a ceiling. 

Conflagration's ability for the remainder of the album, to force it's listeners into a tightrope ballet along the front lines of our lack of control of time and space, is captivating and entrancing. Drowning in traumatic familiarity, The Voyage from Alderbaran catapults the mind into a multidimensional, multifaceted rollercoaster of emotions. The suspense remains terrific throughout its entirety. I remain at the edge of my seat in anxious excitement, for the follow up release. 

5 stars