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"Flow"... has an excellent flow among other things - 100%

abatzkon, November 11th, 2006

When I think about “Flow” words like brilliance, quality, superiority and value instantly come to my mind. Let’s see why…

To begin with, “Flow” finds “Conception” moving away from their earlier power/prog style, most evident in their second album, “Parallel Minds”. Hence, “Conception’s” fourth full-length attempt does not go beyond the "strict" progressive metal boundaries.

Musically the album is very close to "Queensryche’s" progressive metal style found in “Operation Mindcrime”. This means that the band although comprised by technically proficient members, writes uncomplicated patterns which are easily followed by the listener. All the songs are between 3 to 5 minutes long. The album has an amazing flow from the first track to the last. Once you hear it you will certainly want more and more.

The vocals are grandiose. They are easily the one element which transcends the entire album in the realm of brilliance. Although Khan does not go to extreme heights as in previous reconrdings, the melodic lines of the vocals are still magnificent and the listener will definitely get carried away by them.

The guitars stay on melodic lines throughout the record with two main exceptions in tracks “A Virtual Lovestory” and “Would It Be the Same”, where a “Pantera” feeling can be found in certain riffs. Also, the solos greatly contribute to this astonishing feeling that surrounds the entire album and speak straight to the listener’s heart with their pleasant melodies and beautiful harmonies.

The rhythm section is excellent. The bass has more than simply a presence in the album since on some occasions it sounds louder in the mix than the guitar. The drums stick to easily followed patterns but they sound damn good in combination to the low end frequency!

The keyboards finally, are noticeable as they play a key role in some of the songs here. They do manage to add another harmonious layer to the already fantastic compositions.

If I had to pick the best moments in this excellent album, I would say tracks, “Gethsemane”, “Angel”, “Flow”, “Cry”, “Hold on”, “Cardinal Sin” and “Would it be the same”… or any other track in other words since I have already mentioned almost all songs.

This album is highly recommended to fans of progressive metal. Exceptional…