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The poorest representation of these two bands. - 65%

Zodijackyl, May 30th, 2012

Merciless play extremely thrashy death metal with a ton of influence from Kreator, similar to their fellow Swedes Grotesque minus the black metal. There's fast, frantic drumming that relies mostly on blasting and simple thrash riffs of power chords and chugging meet up for some nice unified chord/crash moments at the end of most sections. The vocals are raspy and strong, the guitars are chunky. The vocals are toned down a bit compared to their first album and two demos, the guitars are a little bit thicker, and the music has more fills and changes speed must more than their early stuff. Those changes in songwriting dynamics make them a stronger band for a full album, while their less-evolved stuff was suited perfectly to concise formats. It's a bit less intense and evil than their earlier stuff. Nonetheless, it's solid death/thrash and this is the stronger side.

Comecon are a death metal band that were primarily known for using a drum machine, despite having two solid guitarists and having LG Petrov of Entombed as their vocalist for this one. They play swe-death and have the Stockholm-sound. There's some good riffing here, the vocals are great, but everything doesn't come together completely. The drums don't blend into the music as well as they do in Merciless, and the sound isn't nearly as dirty as Merciless on the other side of this split, nor their swe-death contemporaries. The guitar sound is almost a bit out of place without a full complement of sounds, and this sounds a bit stripped-down for Stockholm. This is also one of the weaker songs from their first album, so it's an odd decision to choose this song.

Neither band is at their best here, these days it's a better choice to listen to the respective full-lengths: Merciless' "The Treasures Within" and Comecon's "Megatrends in Brutality".