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80's metal throwback without the risk from Brazil - 59%

Byrgan, May 23rd, 2009

Comando Nuclear plays music that should have come out in another time era. It is in a traditional thrash, speed and heavy metal sense. With tempered riffs, clean sung vocals, and on other songs with distorted and half-hearted mild growls that remind me of some of Anthares's 'No Limite da Força.' They were covering their grounds, folks.

Similar to the Brazilian band Sodomizer, in which Comando Nuclear brings back past influences with slight updates and some new ideas. Although, they obviously sound like they fervently and jealously listen to what and how they play as. So you won't be blown away with amazing innovation, but the record might get a grin and an occasional turn. More so, they seem like they might be an entertaining Saturday night act to get wasted to, and pick up sleazy broads, who might want to share more than just the back seat on your Harley. STDs included.

Overall, the sound is clear, but with some effects to cover any pleasantness. The production isn't polished sounding, and has some purposeful jagged edges, although, it is loud enough to hear each instrument. They have a decent amount of reverb on each of the instruments and his vocals use this effect well when he might go higher pitched or to a falsetto realm. There aren't any drum triggers, and if it was recorded with digital devices, it is hard to tell. The speed is primarily at a mid-pacing and might occasionally cross the line into more of a medium speed-thrash beat. The guitarist carries the music with a conventional sense for metal. He might not kill your buzz from sudden, aggressive excitement, but might get a sloppy toast and the horns for bringing back metal nostalgia. Applied with a distracting, sticky-distortion when he palm mutes, where both guitar tracks aren't always entirely matched and have audible sticking-to-each-other lingerings. I can't tell if this was purposeful or not because open chords sound matched to a 'T.' The riffs use a simplistic palm muting mostly, typically with a medium stroke and chord fill. He also uses a strummed down-stroke and the drums will carry on more of an up-beat. The drums, like discussed, won't peak more than a medium speed-thrash following. However, there's plenty of double bass to make up for it. Typically, a song might stay with a centered beat throughout its length, and can sometimes sound like a background metronome from being so steady and constant.

Make sure you have the beginning of 'Capital da Luxuria' turned way up. That got me with a moaning woman reaching an orgasm and then again at the end of the song with the same moans of delight. Thanks guys, ha, besides listening to loud metal, people think I'm watching porn over here! It is kind of ironic because the beginning intro of the album starts with battle sounds and almost climaxes later in the album with this song. I can almost see it as probable pent-up testosteronal frustration. Even though the sounds of helicopters and guns aren't real, the motor is still apparently running on overdrive.

'Batalhão Infernal' is a "fun" throwback to the early-mid 80s, with mostly clean sung vocals, mid pace structure and similar conventional heavy metal rhythms on the guitars. The production isn't top notch, and has some purposeful bumps, but the instruments are separated with distinct listenability. Although, all-together the music keeps you busy and nostalgic, but comes across as just an okay listen; there's no risk and not much is put out on the limb. The vocals all being in Portuguese lead me to believe that Comando Nuclear were going for a close knit relationship, an in-country release so to speak. Translated to: if you find this, cool, if you don't, then that's alright too. I'm guessing if you go on vacation to Brazil and see them live, that's where it mainly lies at. With the same feeling of watching a local cover band with a few originals or something. Nostalgia in this case and big groups seem to work better and come to a better consensus. Especially when you're just looking for a night out on the town. With all respect, 'Batalhão Infernal' delivers that much, but this release isn't high on relistens because it doesn't have the same compulsive desire that returns me to classic albums that it emulates so much.