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In the same vein as Xasthur or Leviathan - 90%

Smorgblackmetal1, April 19th, 2013

Cold Crypt, a one-man black metal band from the United Kingdom produced a good quality album in 2012. The album Darkest Symphonies showcases a sound similar to that of Xasthur or Leviathan. For example, Cold Crypt uses vocal effects, voice samples and many different types of guitar effects. These three things are a known to be used in both Xasthur and Leviathan, which I feel Cold Crypt draws from strongly. However, Cold Crypt has a fresh and original take on the ambient/depressive black metal sub genre. The vocals have a haunting and dark sound to them, almost as though they where recorded from a cellar. This is a similar sounding vocal effect to that of a band like Moon from Australia. The Guitars on this album are heavily distorted with an incredibly dirty tone; this is one of the main differences between Cold Crypt and an ambient black metal band like Xasthur. Cold Crypt uses a much more ‘old school’ black metal guitar tone, similar to that of Burzum or Darkthrone. The drumming in Cold Crypt also sets himself apart from his ambient black metal piers. The drumming is very rhythmical and almost tribal in some parts, particularly on the song ‘Vortex Of Disorder’. As well as this being the most rhythmic track, it is also my favourite track on the album. The reason for this being the interesting guitar parts, drum rhythms and vocal effects used.

Cold Crypt is a band with no limits for experimentation or song variety. For instance, the song ‘Hate The Creator’ is a straight up horns raising fast paced black metal track. Far different to tracks such as ‘Heart Of Shattered Glass’ or ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Told’. These two tracks are full of experimentation and add variety to the album. They help to split the album up; they give the listener a wider variety of black metal styles. In conclusion, Cold Crypt portrays its own unique style of black metal in a dark, aggressive, ambient form, this I feel is a very original and fresh way of playing genre. Cold Crypt will prove to listeners that Great Britain can produce some incredible black metal. Cold Crypt has perfectly blended the American ambient/depressive black metal style with his own unique experimental style. He has gone beyond the boundaries of experimentation in a sense, ambient black metal was already an experimentation on the genre to be begin with. Cold Crypt has pushed the ambient black metal style even further into experimentation. I believe this is a feat worthy of a 90% rating and the album comes highly recommended by me.