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No words to describe this - 100%

DeadDeathrocker, July 13th, 2017

I don't know where to start - this is an EP I've been appreciating and listening to for years so I'm pretty familiar with the songs by now. Although it seems like "Melancholie" is most people's favourite, this one is mine. It's definitely underrated and should be as respected as much as their full length album is.

The only way I can describe it is by saying that if pain was a sound, this EP would be it through and through. Considering the EP is about suicide, pain, death and sorrow, it isn't half rich with melody, life and an amazing sense of structure. I even think someone who isn't into DSBM that much could definitely begin to like this, because of its rich tone and strong layered undertones.

The feelings of sorrow are strong throughout 'This Empty Life' and 'Suicide' ('Suicide', in my opinion, being the best song off the release) especially, but then you have 'Hate' which Börner did a perfectly good job of translating into a sound. Blast beats accompany the powerful ambiance in pretty much every song, but it works really well considering it's a common characteristic of the genre. Not to mention ''The Old Ghost In The Well', which is incredibly unique compared to every other song on the record; the use of sound effects opposed to just being completely ambient instrumental is fantastic and gives it a really nice touch.

This also happens on 'Suicide' although I think it's actually a triangle which is making the "twinkling" sounds. If the stars twinkling made a sound, that would be it, and it just so happens to be on the EP named "TheStarsAreDeadNow" so it's like that is representing the death of the stars.

To sum it up, this is a really solid EP and will continue to be one of my favourite regardless of what I come across in the black metal / depressive suicidal black metal genres. It is definitely worth a listen... preferably in a snowy landscape in the middle of the night.

TheStarsAreCertainlyDeadNow. - 96%

stupidinsaan, July 4th, 2009

ColdWorld is the solo project of the German musician Georg Börner and indeed this is one of the most impressive metal debut’s that I have heard.

The EP TheStarsAreDeadNow has perfectly exemplified the talent Georg Börner possesses. Melancholie² Is the album which is most talked about when ColdWorld is mentioned, but this EP is a rare gem which is criminally under-rated.

The record starts with the track This Empty Life and here you go on a trip of ColdWorld, the atmosphere Georg Börner manages to create on this record is mesmerizing and simply beautiful, the vocals are well suited for the beautiful atmospheric music . The second track Hate has one of the most catchy riffs you will come across especially when you play black metal and this is the point when the album starts growing on you. The third track Cancer manages to keep the haunting and the cold atmosphere intact and sound beautiful at the same time, then comes the best track on the record, the track Suicide starts with a perfect intro and the synths in the background just add a lot more to the track and the atmosphere created throughout the song is marvelous and simply breathtaking which makes you want to kill yourself, the final track on this record is The Old Ghost In The Well which is an ambient track and an another example of musical genius of Georg Börner.

ColdWorld is one of the best current Black Metal bands especially when the genre is getting commercialized to quite an extent, ColdWorld can proudly keep the black metal flag waving high.