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Marvel - 100%

Mealann, November 24th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2017, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

When black metal musicians go for ambient, it rarely ends well. They usually underestimate the entry level for the genre and think that all mellow exertions may pass. On the contrary, when black metal musicians go for neoclassical vibes, assuming are more than utterly simple synth piano or string layers / interludes, it mostly ends well. It reveals the poetics hidden behind walls of shrieks and distortion. What experienced listeners hear and feel in regular black metal and what stays hidden to those who are less experienced. Stripped of metal arrangement, what remains is the essence.

Who, among black metal musicians, could commit a more charming neoclassical track, other than G.B.? I think nobody. At least I have never heard a neoclassical track, released in a black metal project, that is stronger than this one. One potential candidate would be "La dryade" by Gris. Georg, who listens to a great deal of classical music and plays violin and nyckelharpa, also in folk band Sangre de Muerdago, has emotional and inspirational access to what many black metal creators vainly aspire. It is a man with unmet sensitivity, capable of conveying emotions in one of the most convincing ways in the genre. The reflection of those noble inspirations are reflected in this piece as well.

It is performed on two instruments, piano and violin. Even though it is very slow and minimalist piece, each note resounds with a crushing sense of melancholy and brokenness. Like words in a well written poem, they single-handedly carry the essential narrative of the emotional condition they describe. There is a large dose of resignation and a small hint of hope. The grand expression of crystallized sadness. As in poetry, the meaning is unclear, but we can guess that it is a very personal piece, treating about the author's private issues, as well as his reflection about the direction in which humanity is recently heading.

Dedicated to those, who find solace in extremely sad and touching, neoclassical music, examples being Eric Satie and Martha Otero's "Lunae Lumen" project. There isn't much more of such quality pieces around in here. A masterpiece in minimalism.