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Coffinworm - Great Bringer of Night

A Filthy Demo - 70%

Thumbman, May 18th, 2011

Coffinworm sound exactly likes their name suggests; even more filthy than an overgrown sewer rat. They play a very dirty style of sludge with hints of black metal. This album is pretty consistent, with the same grimy sound prevalent the whole way through.

Coffinworm like to play slow. While not as slow as funeral doom, they still plod along at a reduced pace. When they do speed up, its great. Its a shame there aren't more fast parts because they make things really interesting. Unfortunately, they aren't played very often and when they are, they aren't played for a long enough period of time. On "High on the Reek of your Burning Remains", they have a creepy interlude. The band drops out and we are left with a simple but haunting melody. This would have been a great addition to the track, but it is not allowed to build any sense of atmosphere, because it is over before it even begins.

Coffinworm employs two different distinct vocal styles. One is a sludgy growl, and the other is an angry rasp, which would not sound out of place on a raw black metal album. While neither of them are the best of their style, they perfectly fit in with the scummy nature of the music. There are some really good riffs on this demo, but these riffs don't last for as long as they should. They are often drowned out by slow plodding guitar parts that can't really be described as riffs. These slow plodding parts go on for just a bit too long at points, but not to the point where it makes the demo a pain to listen to. More variation would do wonders for this demo, though.

Despite having a few problems, this is really good for a debut demo. If you like your music slow and filthy, this probably won't disappoint you. If the notion of dirty sludge with a tinge of black metal doesn't excite you, then don't bother with this one.

I write this review because I'm extremely bored - 57%

caspian, September 4th, 2010

Genre here is listed here as "doom/sludge/black", but I don't hear much of the latter. This is a simple enough sound- it's like a slower and more deliberate Sourvein, with small hints of Eyehategod and maybe Celtic Frost in some of the anti-melodies that are displayed here. The band plugs away at a fairly dismal, plodding tempo for the most part; all fine and good but when there's the occaisonal mid tempo section (like near the end of "Strip Nude for your Killer") you definitely wish they had more of them. It just sort of sits there, you know? It's heavy and there's a few decent riffs scattered throughout but nothing gets you losing your shit, which is what it's all about.

Perhaps there need to be a few leads (those super shitty lines in Caligua don't count)? Maybe the vocalist needs to shut up a bit more? All in all I just can't sustain my interest. Perhaps some more tempo changes, although I like a lot of slow repetitve stuff so that can't be it. The band make a decent racket throughout- perhaps a bit too much reliance on the one riffing pattern/style- but I just can't get into it.

Can't see myself listening to this again. If you're a fan of slow and screamy doom/sludge and you feel like hitting the blogspots, then give this a listen; who knows, you may enjoy this more than I did. Not bad, but I ain't feeling it.