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A Fitting Tribute - 80%

hellhippie, March 9th, 2009

By now Japan's Coffins have unquestionably cemented themselves a top notch place in the heart of many death/doom metal fan's myself included . This absurdly heavy great doom band never seems to amaze even the hardest of critics . (once again myself included) This little e.p. contains both a studio version and a live cover version of this early Venom masterpiece .

Venom played a HUGE part in the development of the early stages of the underground scene and I can see why Coffins decided to cover one of their slower classics . Starting off with thunderous drums and overly aggressive yet perfectly placed feedback complimented by maniacal mental patient screams Coffins proceeds to absolutely crush the original version of this Venom staple . Slow sludgy riff work slowed down (if you can believe that) pummels the listener into doom filled oblivion . Uchino's vocal's are as deep as anything else recorded by these Japanese doom masters . The bass and drums flow perfectly and this version almost brings up the question as to why Venom didn't record the original this slow and heavy . The Venom version is amazing and the Coffins version is a suitable tribute to this great song just much much chunkier and doom filled .

The live version on the b-side of this record is a little rougher . The sound quality is much thinner and does not hold as much of a bludgeoning doomy affect on the listener . Also the original singer in the very early days of the band sings on this and one can see why they went with Uchino replacing Negishi on vocals . It is still a great live version by a great band but who really wants to flip a record over to hear a live version of a song you just heard on the same record ? Anyways Coffins does not seem to disappoint on any release and this is no exception . There are only 200 of these e.p.'s pressed so get your hands on this quick if your a Coffins fan . It's totally worth the seven bucks I paid for it . If you haven't heard this band and your a doom fan then get the whole discography because these guys don't seem to be letting up any time soon and trust me that's a good thing . Doom on .........