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Jesus Fever - 95%

The_Cry_Of_Mankind, June 6th, 2009

The only black metal that is big in this time that plays nothing but straight black metal are the bands who did it when there was no other sub genres of the genre itself. The only black metal people seem to go out of there way for these days are the post rock influenced stuff southern lord and profound lore seem to sign daily, dont get me wrong I love some of it but is their really any need these days for the avante-garde genre that was huge in the late 90's in todays form?

Yes. Just Yes.

After a four year break, and an older album that has some tinges to perfection but not quite their yet, Code come back and hit the nail right in the head. Let me just say first of all that Kvost has one the best voices I have ever heard, his range is stunning and he makes the majority of this album very memorable. I cant help but feel people will turn a blind eye to it as the contrast of Morrisey singing with Dax Riggs over ferocious black metal may not be everyones cup, and call me deluded but as a massive follower of this genre it is a breathe of fresh air. Starting off with 'Smother The Crones' the band show their diversity within a full song, and its one of those things where if you dislike this- the album wont be for you, 'Rattle Of Black Teeth' is an avante garde masterpiece with tingles of 80's indie/rock in their and 'A Sultra Of Wounds' is a goosebump driven ghost ride.

The highlight ironically though for myself would be the most straight up song on the album entitled 'Possession Is The Medicine' this my readers is everything Satyricon have tried to do for years summed up in one song, its as Motherhead influenced as Bathory and has thrash riffing in there that even the biggest Venom hater couldnt help but headbang too, its a sheer piece of old-school perfection and is a must hear by any fan of metals standards.

So yes, its essential. its different, ticks all the boxes and is indeed the best release I have heard in 2009 and I will not hesitate to say I doubt anyone will beat it- Essential.