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Excellent catchy Power Metal - 98%

Metalcreature, May 3rd, 2006

As of right now, this cd is my pick for 2006 album of the year. But hey, were only in May, and there are still two points. Not that it leaves much room for improvement. Ive had this cd playing in my Mini Disc player for a week now. And i havent listened to much else. Its all due to the fact that this band has a way of grabbing the listener and never letting go. Its very catchy power metal in the vein of Lion's Share, or Section A. But better and heavier. These guys crafted an album thats going to stand the test of time. There isnt a weak track on here.

To Summerize, the packaging is top notch. The front cover is an amazing piece of artwork, and the music inside is incredible to say the least. There really arent any ballads on here. Its not overly technical like most power metal. Thats the reason is gets your attention right from the start. The singer reminds of Russell Allen, the guitarists play some solo's, but nothing thats going to melt your face off. The drums are in the front, but dont pummel you. Overall, the production is very professional. The reason i took off two points is because on track 2 (Shadowland) there is this annoying foghorn throughout half the song that i didnt care for. These guys are from Sweden, but you'd never be able to tell, they sound American. If these guys ever make it to prog power, ill be there.

songs i recommend,

Take The Blame
Will We Remain
1000 Souls
Demon Tears