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Not Again.... - 60%

Thumbman, December 6th, 2019

You're fucking killing me, Cloud Rat. Why do you keep doing this? There's seemingly an endless supply of Cloud Rats where they massively overshadow the other band. I know a genre like grindcore attracts a lot of not so great musicians and not every band can be as good as Cloud Rat, but for fuck's sake - you don't have to do a split with every band that asks and you don't even have to limit your splits to grindcore acts. In fact, doing splits with bands outside of the grind spectrum would totally fit in with the Cloud Rat ethos. You've done an electronic EP. Why not release a split with an electronic band? You started out with a heavy screamo influence. Why not do some splits with screamo bands instead of dime-a-dozen grindcore acts?

Like a lot of splits, Cloud Rat doesn't have their experimental side on full display (although the brief swelling keyboard part in "Erasing" was cool). In the world's least shocking development, there's a lot of raging grind, some punkier material and a slower riff or two bordering on sludge.The riffs rip, Madison's vocals destroy everything in their path - you know the deal. I think what impressed me most here is the drums. Jesus Christ can Adrian play. There's some blasting sections where his lethal precision blows all but the highest caliber black metal bands completely out of the water. As for mixing it up, "Canary" has some of that screamo influence I was talking about earlier, but it's fairly subtle.

Drugs of Faith are not bad. They're not good either. If they released their side as an EP, it would be an acceptable effort. However, they don't really come across as anything special, and they're so far below the level of Cloud Rat that their inclusion in the split just seems pointless. "Unexpected" starts off with completely expected dumb crust, before promptly breaking out into dumb grindcore. They're decidedly on the crustier side of grindcore, and the dumpster-dwelling barks would be more at home in a crust band. Man, I don't even know what else to say about these guys. Their side is just such a "this exists" type deal.

So there you have it - the umpteenth Cloud Rat split where they mop the floor with the other band. Please, for the love of God guys - be more discerning about who you do splits with. You don't have to do a split with every unremarkable band you have a friend in. Cloud Rat should just drop these as EPs, honestly.