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Please Pick Better Bands to Do Splits With - 55%

Thumbman, December 5th, 2019

Man, this isn't funny any more. Every single Cloud Rat split I check out inevitably ends with Cloud Rat overshadowing the other band. Even a split like this where it's mostly some of Cloud Rats more straight forward and less essential material, they still obliterate their split mates. To be fair, the other band isn't very good, but curveball "Fish in a Pool" is interesting enough that this short split is worth checking out just for that.

Cloud Rat's side is generally some of their more straight forward stuff, but of course they have a trick up their sleeve. The tracks are short and grindy, occasionally slowing to sludgy plod. They're short, they're fast, they sound like Cloud Rat - there's just not a lot to say about them. They fare reasonably well, but it's not some of their more interesting material by a long shot. However, I would recommend checking out their side of this just for "Fish in a Pool". It's a really cool song that puts their songwriting prowess on full display. It is halfway between hardcore and the rock that sprouted up from the hardcore scene. Hell, some of it even sounds like the Pixies more raucous material. Her half-sung vocals are really cool, and I love how the band always manages to add new facets to their sound. The first time I heard this I wasn't really paying attention to the track list and actually assumed the other band had started. Crevasse don't really fare as well. I'm not really sure what to throw out for reference points because this hardcore isn't really my thing. I guess some of it sounds like early Code Orange (Kids) but worse. The mix is pretty bad and it sounds ugly. The vocals are just kind of histrionic and the delivery coupled with (what I can make out of) the lyrics can border on juvenile. The weird keyboard intro "Dead Body" is a nice try, but I dunno this band just doesn't do it for me.

So there you have it, another Cloud Rat where they blow the other band out of the water. I don't know if this keeps happening because Cloud Rat are so good, or because they're not very good at picking bands to do splits with - probably both. "Fish in a Pool" is pretty goddamn cool, and the rest of Cloud Rats material is serviceable to fans if not their most memorable work. Don't bother with Crevasse.