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Black Metal for the manly-man - 98%

StandStillMovement, June 12th, 2006

No atmosphere. Just a very hollow sound of death and hate. To catagorize by example, this is the soundtrack to rolling down the streets of Iraq in a tank killing anything that lives (if your against war, why the fuck are you reading a black metal review?). This is BM for the manly-man, the "lumberjack-type." The music ranges from slow to mid-paced (seldomly fast), and is somewhat in the traditional black metal vein. "Traditional" is a vague term, allow me to specify that it is brutal, without compromise, audial death that presents no atmosphere except the urge to kill and rape. The lyrics are mostly hate/genocide propaganda (which I admire), with awesome lyric layout on inside of booklet. The vocals accompanying the hatefuls songs are so grim, thier bordering gutteral. Drumming on this album touched me in a very special place, well done and well placed. To sum up this release, it is to be considered sick and depraved and will never be accepted by the general public, which is why you should buy it immediatly and do something "constructive."