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So trve. So vnoriginal. - 23%

cinedracusio, October 30th, 2009

This album is quite a gas. When I listen to it, I remember those beautiful times when I discovered Transylvanian Hunger, Panzerfaust, Under A Funerl Moon, the demo recordings of Moonblood. And I start feeling old, my bones start screeching like a wooden donkey dick attached to the Great Wall of China, and I almost feel a morbid desire to fall asleep and never wake up again. Such is the melancholic nature of this album.

But suddenly a spark crosses my head and I start thinking: what the hell am I doing here, surrounded by this shit, instead of putting the old fine Darkthrone awesomeness on? I recall the music of Ungod having a similar effect to Church Of Atrocity, though it was more their own game than borrowing cliches from Northern behemoths. Clandestine Blaze makes me feel just like the old sailor who returned to his wife and kids after three years of absence, saying ”Oh, my poor children... you were four and now there are only seven of you left!”.

I really mean it! Why get surrounded by pointless melancholy, when you have the good old-school? This album does offer NADA on top of the old-school sound. And it still cannot match it. The riffs are overcliched and wrapped in blazing distortion, alternating between bad boys black melancholy and threatening passages. The bass was well adapted to the general conceptions of black metal (no bass, that is). There is the depressive factor, provided by the wintry recording style. But depressive does not equal good. The only redeeming factor is the voice of Aspa, which is damn distinctive (as an instrument, not as lyricist). The drumming is as competent and narrow-minded as it gets on most black metal albums.

Not to mention that the CV of this guy is destined to forge my impression that he is doing the music as a very non-involving business. Working in pervert porn business does not qualify him as a mastermind for me. Have you ever heard The Raven from Moonblood? Well, such a painful and sublime melody would be hard to conceive for someone who already has his thang and does black metal only for its own sake or from some convictions of his that would relate it to liberalism, the freedom of speech, freedom of melancholy, freedom of porn and fucking and stuff. It takes more than simple determination in order to make something memorable, something that really speaks and does not pale in comparison to the classics.
Stick it up your muffin, old-school duders. You might have some fans, but when such music has fans, it owes those fans not necessarily to its value but to the ignorance of the fans.