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Perfectly executed creative symphonic metal - 95%

kluseba, May 12th, 2012

Clair De Lune is a very promising and highly diversified symphonic metal band from El Salvador that reminds me a little bit of Le Grand Guignol from Luxembourg. Fans of gothic metal with classical female and harsh male vocals will adore this output as well as fans of rather avant-garde orientated stuff like UneXpect even though this band is much easier to follow and appreciate. After several band name changes and demo productions, this first single of the band called "Soul Mirror" is indeed an excellent choice to get some promotion and airplay as this song resumes everything this band is able to play.

The title track kicks off with some catchy classical melodies that harmonize well with some simple guitar riffs. In comparison to many other bands of the same genre, the guitars don't bury the sound of the orchestral elements. This majestic introduction leads into a fast paced rhythm with energizing blackened male vocals and operatic but not too high pitched and actually enjoyable female vocals. The music has many changes in rhythm and style and many interesting details such as some beautiful flute harmonies in the background and soft piano sounds. Apart of a short bass solo, there are not many surprises but the entertainment factor is overall well elevated. The band truly puts more ideas in a single track than other bands in their entire records. That's why I hope that a full length record is going to follow this release very soon.

Nevertheless, the track is not confusing but actually well structured and coherent despite its epic touch and a couple of typical elements for the genre. The band doesn't innovate much but they seem to know what they can do best and execute their slightly progressive symphonic gothic metal in an excellent manner. I will surely listen to this over and over again in the next days as there are many details to get discovered in this solid release.