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Doesn't Deserve To Be Forgotten - 85%

brocashelm, December 31st, 2008

This NYC band really deserved better than to be submerged on a tiny label with a confusing and seemingly simultaneous issue as both an EP and LP with this title. How come? Well it’s simple, they were incredibly good. Much like Jag Panzer, Liege Lord, and Laaz Rockit, Cities delivered traditional metal songs with an energy level and sound bordering on thrash, and what’s more they wrote seriously ass kicking songs!

Singer Ron Angell could have been big news in a more commercially oriented band with his clear, pleasing throat, whilst guitarist Steve Mironovich possessed a sound equally adept at tough rhythms and fiery, economical soloing.

I’m working from a really old and beat up EP version of this record, so forgive me if I don’t mention a notable track on the longer version. For my part, “In The Still Of The Night” (with it’s Maiden-like gallop) and “Burn Forever” are the finest cuts on hand, although “Fight For Your Life” and “Innocent Victim” certainly have their charms as well.

A nice and tight production job, squishes all elements into a bristling and compressed picture, and with material this good delivered this well, it baffles me why Cities never flourished. Okay, their band name was kinda dumb, but still…