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brocashelm, April 9th, 2006

I gotta say that over the last decade or so, CIANIDE have become a totally reliable source for no frills kick ass death metal with a great nod to the old school. This LP especially grabbed me by the nutsac and offers a great overview of the band's material. Remember that early on, CIANIDE performed generally slow, doomy material with a very strong CELTIC FROST edge. As time went on they incorporated more traditional old school metal tempos, writing some great anthems in the process. This album recalls some of the best from their past in a live in the sudio recording. Going way back to A DESCENT INTO HELL we have "Scourging At The Pillar", right up to a more modern cut from the band with the killer "Metal Never Bends." In addition a cover version of SLAUGHTER's "Death Dealer" is here. The sound is raw but studio quality, and maintains the great fuzzy, down-tuned sound CIANIDE have may their signature. Much like their pals NUNSLAUGHTER, CIANIDE remind us of the glory days of old school death metal, when bands like HELLHAMMER, DEATH, MASTER, POSSESSED and SLAUGHTER ruled the underground, and drum triggers were nowhere to be found. Some great liner notes explain the origin of each track and provide fun reading while listening. I love this album, and highly recommend anyone who ever stitched a VENOM backpatch on their denim jacket pick it up a.s.a.p.!!!