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Warning: Makes serial killers sound fucking cool - 92%

Spawnhorde, July 22nd, 2004


This is one of the best stoner metal albums I've heard in a while. Everything this band releases is fucking gold, actually. This stood out to me's so goddamn groovy. It's so groovy, it hurts.

The stoned-out guitar tone this band uses is godly. It makes for some of the coolest and most inventive riffs in the genre, and also some funky soloing and weird breaks that honestly make you say "what the fuck, that was fucking cool". The drumming is very catchy, at times it reminds me of Electric Wizard except this guy uses cymbals much more overtly (his splash is kind of annoying at times and it's blatant, but we'll let it slide). This is basically Electric Wizard if they were given a bunch of books on famous killers/rapists, tons of drugs, and became Japanese people who were obsessed with groove.

This CD is slightly different from Master of Brutality. Namely, the vocalist uses harsh/growl vocals more often (usually to a greater degree and they sound good too), and the tracks are a bit shorter, yet they fit more groove riffs and weird spaced-out solos a lot more. The bass is hilariously loud on this album, as well, as it should be.

Overall, another step in the right direction for this band, another Japanese band that can practically do no friggin' wrong. Highlights? Take your pick they're all fucking awesome. Personally? Red Ripper Blues, Filth Bitch Boogie, and I Motherfucker are the picks. Whatever. J-metal forever.