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Monolithic Japanese doom for psychopathic killers! - 87%

Nintendevil, October 20th, 2010

In 2004, Church of Misery put out their second (official) studio album. I can’t remember that many great releases in metal that came out that year, but The Second Coming is easily one of the best. It’s got everything you could ever ask for in a stoner album and it’s ferocious. The album starts off with a mountain of feedback and a sample of a news report about Ted Bundy who is “one of the worst sex murderers of all time.” Just listening to the scream of “IIIII MOTHER FUCKUUUUUURRR” on top of the most awesome drumline in doom history is a good indicator that this album will have places to go after starting out so well.

One thing I did notice when listening to this album and something that continued to boggle me all the way through was just how harsh and ear-splitting the sound of the instruments were. The guitars are heavily over-driven and the bass is loud as the drums are sharp and heavy. I’ve never heard such an aggressive album in my life, especially from a stoner band. But this is what Church of Misery is good at, delivering doom that really gets you excited. Each song has an array of riffs and atmospheres, and in the end the album concludes the same way it began and “I, Motherfucker” briefly repeats, leaving you dumbfounded by the end of the record.

Church of Misery plain out rocks. Riff after riff after riff rips you out a new asshole and leaves you to bleed and die in a remote landscape. There’s maybe one iffy song on the album and all the others are excellent. This ultimately produces one stellar album that simply cannot be reckoned with.