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sdfs'dsgnfsfs'ds'sd'sd'sd'''''''sdcsfs''s - 80%

caspian, April 20th, 2017

Man I was expecting something really strange but in hindsight that was probably because of the nuts amount of apostrophes. Ch' are a big example of a fairly normal band hiding between a few gimmicks. That said, it's still worth your time.

I know Demilich are a prime comparison to these guys but I reckon you can get much more mainstream than that. Get a.. get an early mastodon (?) song, add a pinch of thrash and meat and potatoes florida DM, pitch it down a few semitones, distort the drums and do some (fairly cool!) death growls over it, and you're honestly not too far from it. A decent amount of tempo changes and odd time signatures, sure, but it seems that all the big moments in the songs are when things groove hard, or when the atmosphere kicks in. The super low tuned guitars and raw, distorted mix make things seem a lot weirder than they actually are- most readers will have heard far stranger, more angular tunes than the ones on this EP.

It is cool though, I reckon Ch' have nailed their sound. The riffs tends toward really catchy and those low down, loose guitars certainly give the thing a bit of a swamp monster vibe, bit of a torture dungeon vibe etc that I figure these guys were going for. There's a fair bit of melody in this thing- not in that sense that it sounds like a bunch of shit swedish bands, but that the riffs have a lot of time to breathe and flow. It is undeniably super heavy- again, perhaps a production quirk as much as the actual riffs themselves- but I found myself humming a part in the shower, which I consider to be quite the compliment.

It's certainly a neat little EP and at four songs long I was certainly left wanting more. There's plenty left to explore in this sound, I reckon- a bit more dissonance here and there, perhaps a few more crushing doom parts, and maybe a bit more willingness to occasionally venture off into some deeper, darker caverns where everything's a bit faster and more obscure. All up though a solid little primer and I'm definitely interested in seeing what else these guys have done.