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Chryseis - Planet dead - 40%

Phuling, July 18th, 2010

Ok, I’m gonna be honest here and just say it – I don’t get this. I mean, I really don’t get it. First off, thrash metal isn’t really my bag, and scifi themes have never interested me, neither does overly technical and experimental music… So when combining all three elements into one album it’s bound to confuse me, and Planet dead certainly does so. I hadn’t heard of Chryseis before, and I won’t be keeping an eye out for them in the future, ‘cause this is just way too out there.

There’s not really a single track here that sticks with me. They all just end up one big, mumbled blur. Not a single drum beat is what you’d normally associate with thrash metal, and it’s mostly just weird rhythms, technical variations and utterly unusual patterns. Riffing-wise they do have some more classically sounding leads every now and then, and the long guitar solo in Last journey of a spectral voyager doesn’t sound that out of place. But pretty much the rest does. I can’t grasp what they want to accomplish with the riffs, it’s all too experimental and weird. Quirky rhythms, spaced out instruments (like synth guitars and a fretless bass), and not a single note that I find very appealing. When it comes down to it the entire album sounds like one technical and experimental track, without any aggression or melodies to take to heart.

The vocalist occasionally remind me of Tompa from his At the Gates days, but musically I couldn’t possibly make a single comparison, ‘cause this is about as weird as it gets in my book. Sure, maybe two or three moments of clarity could resemble some other act, but as 95% of the music is spaced out I just can’t get into it. But if technical, experimental, unorthodox and scifi sounds cool to you then I suppose you might like it, but I sure don’t get it.

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