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Polish polish on Black Metal - 85%

themastertherion, October 3rd, 2006

Even though Christ Agony cannot be categorized as only Black Metal, it is hard to define a genre for them that would not exceed a few lines here. Let's say that this is a crossover between Death and Black with slight Doom touches at parts. No, the final product is not a bit shitty as it sounds.

First of all, let me say that the greatest asset of this release is its sound, which finds the middle point where all the above-mentioned genres meet and fit into each other. This sound engineer's work is worth the praise.

The opening track Asmoondei is composed mainly of a small number of riffs varying in velocity, circulating around each other in large cycles. That is, they play one riff for about 10-15 times and pass on to other and, when all the riffs in the row are played they start all over again. Sounds terrible, huh? Well the strange point is let alone being terrible, the track is extremely wonderful, for the riffs are excellent and the arrangement is professionally done. They make an excellent whole with duplicated parts. This is the kind of track that does a magnificient introduction to, and demonstration for, the album with all its mid-tempo ram it down Death Metal riffs, fast Black Metal parts and melodic tempo slowdowns that are put in exactly the places where your ears feel delight in hearing like stuff.

They don't just wander off in the rest of the album. They go on ramming your ears, then switching to top gear before pıulling on the handbrake just to unleash their devils once more. In short, they offer what they have promised with Asmoondei, though the songs shorten in length and the number of riffs fall. Still, the top notch arrangement skills reign, and in cycling riffs the tracks just continue to pass on.

The last two tracks are the ones that prevents Moonlight from being a masterpiece, for they remain behind the rest of the songs. I don't mean that they are shit, still they hold considerable parts and doesn't stand out too much in negative terms, but the band seems to be losing their focus on the points that they have given so much importance in perfecting on the first four tracks. Their small defects rise from being placed among other top quality songs.

The vocals are harsh and Black Metal alike and sometimes replaced with a clean, bass voice, and even though is not a product of an exceptional performance, fits just in place to communicate what these guys are telling. Guitar work is done clean and straight, giving the riffs due. Drumming is also not exceptional, but does what it needs to do and follows the requirement of the riff and carries the music superbly throughout the album.

If you would like to have a try on Christ Agony's music, Moonlight is the one you should go for, not the albums before and after. For this album is the one that you should listen to for evaluating the band, and unfortunately the only one that matters in their whole career.