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Go for something else - 40%

themastertherion, October 4th, 2006

This album is the Christ Agony equivalent of Octagon by Bathory in disappointment. Elysium is more Death than Black, and a below average one, that's for sure. They have filled this album with unimpressive, clumsy, cliché riffs that can be found anywhere. They are okay in grumbling, but absolutely fail in musical satisfaction. The low tempo never much increases throughout the album and leaves you dying to hear some old rock'n roll stuff for a short break. After the break, the music becomes even more unbearable, as the tempo still uncompromisingly floats around a certain point. One riff passes by and on the other you feel the same disappointment and boredom as you did in the previous one. There are not many instances that the band lifts up the weight that they have put on your shoulders, and mainly leaves you in a feeling of asphyxiation. There is nothing special about the musicianship or the handling of vocals either. Elysium is the work of a not shitty but an average revolutionist Old School Death band. Absolutely not a Christ Agony starter, but may serve as a finisher.