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Darkside - 90%

So_It_Is_Done, August 11th, 2007

Christ Agony is one of the oldest bands from Poland but they are not very popular now nor have they been earlier. That is good because their music is definitely not for people who just bang their heads to the rhythm but for people who contemplate the music. With Darkside album they went even further. It is an exception in their discography with inbuilt electronics and clean vocals.

The vocals, however, are flawless. They are not prayers to the pussy but proud recitations of depressive poetry. They sound like opium-fueled, romantic dirges (do not forget that romantic means depressive) mixed with blasphemies spat out straight from Lucifer’s jaws.

Inspired by English poetry, the lyrical side is mindfucking too. Themes about death, love, time passing by, and on the other side occultism, satanism and selfish pride stay in memory for a long time. Some of these songs are in Polish, which of course narrows the circle of those who can fully understand and appreciate. Even better.

This creation is definitely the greatest piece of polish satanic black metal. It belongs to times when metal was something more than wearing a t-shirt and when music had true meaning and magic unlike contemporary mp3s. In fact, Darkside is almost entirely Cezar’s work for which we should respect him as an artist even more.