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Gut Wrenching Sickness! - 89%

carcass_grinder, April 17th, 2008

As an avid lover of all things sick and disgusting in the world of goregrind, porngrind and deathgrind I felt it was absolutely necessary to review this album. I was quite suprised to see them even listed in the metal archives to be quite honest. I will only be reviewing 'Choked By Own Vomits' side of this split album.

Yes, unforunately, a growing number of grind bands are doing blantantly wierd and sometimes retarded vocal parts within some songs that I probably never will understand. You will come across an occasional 'retard with a microphone' part like the one in track 2, but what stands out about this band over a lot of goregrind...(and I'm assuming this is goregrind without knowing what these song titles translate to).... is the REAL drum work which is becoming a rarity. There are an overwhelmingly large amount of bands using drum programming these days so it is refreshing to hear an actual band instead of the many DIY one man projects that are swarming the 'scene'. Not that I have anything against those projects.

Under further exploration, this probably is not officially goregrind, although they do at times use the vocal harmonizer FX that I love so much. It is done tastefully and not taken to far out of context. I own a lot of various grind bands be it gore, porn, or whatever other subgenre title you want to label it with, and this band stands out in my eyes. That is due to their ability to play this form of music perfectly. There is no sloppiness here. The drumming is right on time and the riffs along with the guitar tone fit the music rather well... there is also a heavy low end that will shake your walls when you crank it up... basically this is damn near perfect for a grind project. If you like goregrind with a mid paced tempo you'll love this band.