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A shot of neuronal skating - 90%

MeFuMo, February 26th, 2008

After three demos diving into the more "Voivodian" side of death metal Chococrispis released this first CD with Liquid Records.

Sound changed visibly from first releases, leaving all vocal duties to bassist Carlos (afterwards Gigatron main singer) and generalizing his high tone vocal style over the usual growls. Instrumental duties are greatly executed and come closer to post-something bands like Fugazi and the omnipresent Voivod.

In fact this is a strange record, demential, aggresive and spooky, plenty of changes in rythm and mood compacted in 17 short songs with some jingles in spanish from tv-shop commercials and B-movies. Sound is very sharp, sometimes fuzzy mainly due to the tenths of rythm changes and sonic landscapes created by pure feedback. Production is ok althought it could be much better. Vocals sound clear and sharp with some growls really death metal style mixed with a kind of high tone or spoken word for creating a confusing and in my opinion brilliant mood to the whole album.

Lyrics are plainly impossible to understand from the music, but as you read them you can find they are brilliantly written with a sharp sense of humor. Themes go from the anti-nazi motto in "Positive?" to the question of the sexuality of Christ in "Pink Jesus", the possible conspiration of extraterrestial races against humanity putting LSD in the water we drink just for entertainment ("Aliens LSD") or the pure madness casted over the narrator of "Vacas (100000 pastando en mi cerebro)" -"Cows (A million grazing in my brain)"- by a shepherd he tried to swindle. Every song has his own theme and different mood and contributes to define the mad puzzle this album tries to build.

No doubt it's worth some listens. Mad, well executed kind of post-harcore/death metal. Sadly the band dissapeared so fast for turning into Gigatron althought it's still possible to get this album in some internet shops.