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Another 43 minutes of madness - 85%

MeFuMo, February 27th, 2008

Chococrispis released this one after winning the spanish well-famous "Bilborock" contest and splitting-up, when part of the band was already doing gigs as Gigatron. It seems they had some problems with his record label and were only able to edit his last record by winning the competition.

Sound gets yet more personal on this cd, further from death metal but retaining the elements that make this band's songs plainly weird. Again Voivod and Fugazi are clear references in the sound. This record is better produced than the last one, and althought is clear the difference in sound between drums and the rest of instruments, due to a different studio recording, we find again the instrumental parts magnifically executed by the band. Perhaps there's some lack of freshness in this album, compared with their last release.

Lyrics take again a sharp and humorous ride across some variety of topics. Again they are just impossible to understand from the songs but reading them it seems clear the lyrics are again brilliant, now escaping again from cliches focusing in the "human" approach for confronting surpassing states of mind or just plain madness, like being death, again the topic of love as a devouring force, alien contacts, a man being thrown out his own home by a pink gay cloud (?!) or the hilarant search for our cosmic place as a parking place. Again they are mostly sung in english with strong spanish accent and a high tone of voice, with some almost burzumish growls in some songs. We find some spanish sung songs too and two remixes by the 90's spanish electronic band thc, althought I don't find they have anything to say in the album.

Another record worth listening a few times to, and the final release of a band cursed by circumstances that could have grown much more.