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Not Too Bad - 73%

MikeyC, December 24th, 2006

This review is being written after their self-titled album was released in 2005. In saying that, both albums are better than "Pass Out Of Existence", yet these two have good and bad points in comparison.

From the get go, you can tell these guys aren't fucking around. "Cleansation" starts off with a few seconds of guitar feedback fading in, and then the drums come in, and all hell breaks loose! And it doesn't relent. Every song is catchy in it's own way with plenty of riffing and soloing, especially the end of "Eyes Of A Criminal". The riff slows down in tempo, and continues for a while until it fades out. The bass drum work is incredible.

The vocals aren't exactly death metal-y...kind of mallcore-ish. However in this case it's not too bad. I personally enjoy his vocal range, but I can understand why people don't really find it that great. He doesn't do deep growling like, say, Alex Camargo from Krisiun, but that's just him. Songs like "Down Again" and "Crawl" show his clean singing style, which I still think never fits in death metal albums, yet he pulls it off with (somewhat) style. It still isn't bad.

The best thing on this album is the drumming. It's not technical in a Meshuggah-style sense, but it keeps the music thumping along nicely. The drumming on "Stigmurder", "Eyes Of A Criminal", and "Implements Of Destruction" really show off his skills.

Chimaira never really stray away from the standard 4/4 or 4/8 beat, leaving them to have a very one-dimensional songwriting pattern. Tempo's change in the songs, but they never become really technical. Sometimes a song is begging for something technical (Power Trip), yet never does. On the plus side, you can headbang until your neck has a permanent kink and you can never lose your place in the song.

All in all, this album is very accessible, and is a great place to start if your new to Chimaira (well, since Chimaira are starting to become mainstream now, it's a good place to start with metal altogether). It's not for everybody, especially hardcore death metaller's or if you prefer technical death metal, but it is a great listen nonetheless.

Best tracks: Power Trip, Stigmurder, Eyes Of A Criminal, Implements Of Destruction