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Resurrected from what? The first album? - 90%

darkreif, February 4th, 2007

Chimaira has always shown a lot of potential as a metal band. Even though they did the "nu metal" phase, the melodic death phase, and the epic metal phase (their first 3 albums in that order) - Chimaira have found their way to their roots in thrash metal. Finallly.

Chimaira took all the things that went wrong with their last album and fixed them for Resurrection. This album feels more heartfelt, pissed off is more of the term, and the album really cooks because it feels raw. This album doesn't feel as forced as their last few. The music is more fluid (if chunky riffs can be called that). The album has a definate flow that was missing from all their previous efforts - from beginning to the end it feels as though you have been taken on a journey. What a good album does.

Musically, the riffs are non-stop thrash influenced monsters that really got me headbanging to the music. Both guitarists in Chimaira have a lot of talent on the fretwork and for the first time Chimaira uses them to their full ability. Solos tear through most of the songs and even the leads have been brought to the front of the music instead of being an underscoring element.

The drums (with Andols back in the kit) have gone from death metal sound to more of a thrash sound. The cymbals are used more and the bass drum is less of an overpowering element. The drumming really supports a lot of the guitar work on Resurrection. Andols is a good drummer in his own right and he seems to be finally picking up some recognition.

Mark Hunter's vocals have also taken a step up. Although it is still pretty one sided post-thrash death growl, he seems to be trying to really vary the sound of his voice on many of the songs. There are parts in songs where there is singing that compliments Mark Hunter's growl. This helps the album from getting a little repetative.

Lyrically, Resurrection is at the top of its game. The lyrics are dark and angry but really thought filled. Well - some of them are. Songs like "Worthless" aren't so intelligent in the lyrical field but it gives the album some good variety in how the listener respondes to songs.

Overall, its a very empowering album that is meant to be dark but supportive in its creation and consumption. Chimaira really are one of the better new metal acts (expecially in the United States) and if they continue down the road they are going - possibly in metal history.

Songs to check out: Resurrection, Six, Empire.