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Technical Black Metal? - 89%

Sadness_for_Life, January 6th, 2006

When Vindsvall decided to take a break from Blut Aus Nord, everyone knew his solo debut was going to be amazing. And amazing it is. From beginning to end you cannot help but think that this is what black metal is supposed to sound like. Tracks like "In the Middle of the Macrocosm" while definetly trv3 kvlt also manage to show a surprising amount of technicality. The guitar solos show off Vindsvall's obvious knowledge of music, and everything is laden with an almost oriental sound.

Though some may hesitate to call this black metal, being it came out after the supposed "fall" of black metal. I don't think anyone who listens to this can hesitate, this album is amazing. The only thing I really didn't enjoy were Vind's vocals, they seem to be the same throughout the whole album, only occasionally mixing it up with some deep growls.

If it were possible to classify this in a genre I would have to go with Technical Black Metal, the riffs are awesome, show enough variety and the keyboard is very well integrated. All in all, if you can find this album definetly purchase it, though, that may be hard, seeing as how rare it is.