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Worthless DVD - 35%

linkavitch, August 23rd, 2009

Live DVDs are rather tricky, they’re either really good, or they completely suck. That is the case with this split DVD Unholy Alliance. Featuring Slayer…and a bunch of talentless side acts like Lamb of God. And let me tell you, this is completely forgettable.

Slayer sounds like a good band to see live don’t they? Maybe not on this DVD but in general yes they would be. Slayer plays only ten songs ranging from good early ere to bad new ere. The worst part about their performance other than some of the songs would be the triggered drums. They just sound so clunky and you can tell that they’re there. Tom’s voice is also not the greatest, but that’s mostly due to age, so you have to deal with that. The crowd is into their performance, every time the camera focuses on someone in the crowd they’re usually flicking off the camera. Some of the songs are actually very good, “Angle of Death” sounds awesome, and “Chemical Warfare” also another good one, probably the best song out of the bunch. The green smoke on the stage during the songs also is pretty cool. The new songs still suck even life however, “Cult” is horrible, easily their worst song. I found it kind of weird how “Reign in Blood” wasn’t on here, after all that is probably the most famous Slayer song. Still Slayer gives the best performance on this DVD and they’re the only reason why anyone should even get this.

After the Slayer performance we have Mastodon, and they’re the second best act on here, but that’s only because their competition would include Lamb of God, Children of Bodom, and some act that you probably never heard of. I just don’t get their style, like what exactly are they? They have a lot of groove in their bass, yet a lot of mindless guitar leads with their guitarist. Generally the songs are simple, with basic bass work and a simple rhythm, them some random solo comes out of nowhere. These guys in general are nothing more than a hard rock band with a few interesting solos here and there. The most interesting thing about their performance is that “Capillarian Crest” has an interesting audio clip in the beginning of the song.

Now we come to what is the worst song on the DVD, and it’s by no one other than Lamb of God. We all know these guys suck on album, but holy shit there are unlistenable live. They play “Vigil” which I guess is their best song, but like all Lamb of God songs; it sounds like every other Lamb of God song. Basically groove chugging riffs, lame solo, breakdown, another chugging riff, and songs over. Halfway through the song he spends about a minute trying to get the crowd to form a circle pit, but what’s annoying about it is that he is still using his annoying singing voice. Apparently this guys normal talking voice is the exact same as his singing voice. After hearing this song I’m just glad their on stage for only five minutes.

Children of Bodom would be next, and I’ve never really cared for these guys, mostly because they’re so boring. “Angles Don’t Cry” is dull, sounds uninspired as if they didn’t want to perform it in the first place. Alexi still can’t sing. He’s basically doing hardcore shouts for the whole performance. “In Your Face” starts off with chugging riffs and an annoying keyboard lead. Alexi still uses hardcore screams, only he’s even more emotionless. “In Your Face” is just one of those modern teenage oriented metalcore songs, basically the lyrical content of the song is “I don’t give a flying fuck motherfucker” over and over in the chorus. Just like Lamb of God, they’re forgettable.

The final band is Thine Eyes Bleed, who I never heard of until I heard them on this DVD. I can see why now too, they’re basically modern melodic death, so they got some metalcore influences. Worst thing about their performance is hands down their vocalist. Basically he is your typical monotone singer that consists of hardcore shouts, and ear bleeding shrieks, much like the vocals from Blythe on Lamb of God. Slower groove passages, a weak solo, and ends with a chugging breakdown is how this song goes. Drumming is also annoying due to the fact that the drums are triggered. Triggers are annoying especially when there used with nonstop blast beats. This is just a terrible way to end the DVD, although considering how almost every performance is mediocre to horrible; I guess it makes sense to end it this way.

So this DVD has gotten a dubbed production job. You know the one where the songs have that semi live feel to them. Every performance has triggered drums; everything has been worked on to sound sharper, crisper guitar sound, more audible bass and what not. But that takes away the whole live feeling of it all. There’s also no intermission or switch to the next song. After every song the screen cuts black, then the band name and the name of the song they will play appears, then it kicks right into the song, there’s literally no interaction with the crowd whatsoever except for the quick Lamb of God bit.

Well considering how only Slayer is worth hearing, and considering how only about half their songs are also worth hearing, this is just a really bad DVD. The guest acts…well all suck really, playing generic metalcore songs at best by all of them. Slayer is the highlight of this album and only six of their ten songs are worth hearing. So if you haven’t figured it out by now you can completely ignore this DVD.