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The TRUE Children of Bodom - 100%

mustaine_is_god_96, January 9th, 2012

If someone suggested the band Children of Bodom to you, and you searched them up, listened to "Are You Dead Yet?", thought it sucked, and decided never to listen to this band again, then HOLD ON! You're missing out on a lot if melodeath greatness: Hatebreeder, Follow the Reaper, and, of course, their awe-inspiring debut, Something Wild. Why is this album so great? Well, for one, they successfully mashed up four different genres: melodic death metal, power metal, neo-classical metal, and black metal. There is nothing bad about this album. The black metal element helps build a dark ambiance, something that their other albums lack. This is noticeable on tracks like Deadnight Warrior, In the Shadows, Red Light in My Eyes Pt. 1, Red Light in My Eyes, Pt. 2, Lake Bodom, The Nail, and Touch Like Angel of Death. Wait, that's the whole album! It's that good.

If you hated "Are You Dead Yet?" because of Alexi's vocals, then you have to listen to this. His vocals are as harsh as ever, not only his black metal-inspired screams, but the occasional "clean" vocals that build up the darkness. I have to say, Alexi Laiho is one of the best guitarists ever. He says that he hates this album because he tried to copy his idol, Yngwie Johann Malmsteen, but what's wrong with that? I've heard many bands that copy their idols!

Jaska Raatikainen's drumming is actually pretty good on this album. Instead of competing for attention on the other albums, he just does his own thing without interfering. The main reason why drummers usually compete with the guitars is because the drums usually follow along with the guitars, which doesn't make them as noticeable. Here, you can hear Jaska's drums clear as day. As for Janne's keyboards, they're AWESOME! On later albums, the keyboards aren't utilized as much. They just follow the guitars until they get a solo. Here, they're almost (wait, scratch that. They ARE) a necessity on this album. Without them, we wouldn't have as dark of an atmosphere. As for the bass, I can't hear it, so it probably follows the guitars.

This album is a must-have. Forget Hate Crew, AYDY, Blooddrunk, and RRF. Something Wild is the TRUE sound of Children of Bodom.