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Killer debut - 90%

invaded, June 23rd, 2006

This is where the legacy of COB began and it is worth mentioning that this album has a very different sound than those that followed it. This is a much darker Bodom, one that had more ties with their black metal roots than on the last few records.

The songwriting on here is arguably their best. The fusion of classical passages with extreme music is done extremely well here. The riffs in the opener "Deadnight Warrior" are catchy and heavy at the same time. The guitar tone is nice and heavy but the leads are very smooth and tasteful. This is another element to the record's sound, the melodic lines are much more tasteful than those you'll find on their later material.

To me, this is Alexi's best vocal performance. His sound on this is a total growl which I find fits the extreme sound very well. The songwriting is top class here, with catchiness and chops to show off. This is very fun music to listen to, even though it has a dark allure to it.

A lot of killer tracks here. Since there are only seven songs, they were really well crafted and they all have their unique charm. The classics on here however are "Deadnight Warrior", "Lake Bodom" and "Touch Like Angel of Death" the album closer. This track is an excellent finisher. It's fast, it's melodic and the solos are mind boggling. Musically, the performance is that much more impressive if you consider that most of the band hadn't even reached their twenties yet.

All in all, this record slays. The songwriting is excellent, the performance is pasionate yet tasteful, and it's all heavy enough for any metalhead to want to headbang to it.