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Something Truly Wild - 100%

danbedrosian, June 9th, 2011

What do you get when you mix death metal, power metal, and neoclassical metal? Something Wild. I use that in both adjective form and the name of the album.

The guitar work on this album is phenomenal. The album is packed with all sorts of riffs and keyboard pieces. The songs jump from one awesome riff to another perfectly piecing the song together into a masterpiece. The neoclassical influence can be heard through the album as Laiho smashes his way through the leads of the album to produce exponential music. This may be some of the best guitar work around. The riffs are filled with influence and are full of pure originality. Even the simplest of riffs like those in "Touch Like An Angel of Death" and "In The Shadows" sound amazing. Classical music is used in the songs too; such as Johann Sebastian Bach, technically he's Baroque, and Mozart, who is actually Classical. The fast pace that is constantly kept will keep your headbanging even in the slower verses of "Red Light In My Eyes, Pt. 1". "Deadnight Warrior" is a great track to listen to if you only hear one song it'll be enough to give you an idea of the album's content musically. The solos on "Something Wild" are outstanding and some of the best solos I've heard. Both guitars know how to work together excellently. No where on this album will you find the guitars struggling for lead or contradicting one another negatively. The drums are great at complimenting the guitar without doing the same thing as the guitars as with other bands; Ex: Metallica. The keyboards are the source of the classical sounds on this album. Without Janne Wirman this album wouldn't sound half as good as it does. Children of Bodom seem to have put the keyboards in every good spot possible in every track. Alexi Laiho's vocals show evidence of black metal influence adding to the rich and varied influences of the album. It's been said that Alexi Laiho was truly inspired by the Swedish band Dissection at the time. Alexi Laiho mixes the death metal and black metal vocals well. Most black metal vocals sound like shit but this is just great. It's unique to see such skill, as far as I know this hasn't been repeated leaving these vocals almost one of a kind.

This comes to no surprise when the production is excellent for a debut. Spinefarm Records is a great record company as it is. The quality that Children of Bodom received for this album was excellent and fitting as well. This was recorded before the times were existing entitled you to good sound quality. When money was a factor in the recording in relation to record and not be acquired short-term.

The lyrics on this album are great, whether you can understand them is on you. If you ever got a look at them you'll realize they're weird. They are also very unique in this weird way. Alexi Laiho has always been a great writer and the proof can be seen early on. It may have been different when they were still Inearthed but there was definitely a masterful change in lyric writing. This is probably what causes the band to release another album three years later, but it's all time well spent and hard work worth listening to.

Very rarely will I truly enjoy an album as I do with "Something Wild". It's a crazy, creative mad rush of pure energy pouring into your ears. It's definitely good at getting you pumped up or good "I'm pissed the fuck off" music unless your in that mood to listen to this album which happens to me often. I know the whole track listing by heart and in order I've heard this so many times. It's simply a great album and shows that with the right people around you can make something truly exceptional. I can't recommend one song without recommending the whole album. I do not recommend listening to just one song either. The songs are composed differently so if you find one unsatisfactory check out another; these guys don't cut and paste. I recommend this album to anyone.