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let's put this riff here, another one there....etc - 20%

Arsenicum, July 2nd, 2007

Years ago I was a littlebit over-enthusiastic when it comes to buying records, so after just seeing the videoclip for Deadnight Warrior, I decided to splash my money on "Something Wild". Certainly I enjoyed it for the time being, but when I listen to it now after listening to tons of metal cd's, kinda sucks, big time.

The cd has it's moments, for example in the first track deadnight Warrior, but when listening to the other songs, I get the feeling that CoB had a littlebit too much ideas when composing their songs at that stage of their opus. Most songs are composed in such a way, that every "cool" riff or breakdown could be used. Songs shift from one rythm to another, guitar riff followed by the next one, with very hectic keyboards draped over them like a blanket. This makes listening to the record one hell of a job, as CoB never really seems to catch the moment. Although I love the later work of CoB, this record is as cohesive as desert sand.

Next to the afore mentioned negative points, Alexi Laiho was no where near the singer he is now. The vocals seem to be very hard pressed, and a littlebit too much for him at times. Next to this, I feel that screams such as for example a loud "FUCK" just before a guitar riff are soo not done, that it makes it all sound a littlebit childish.

We all know that CoB are one of the bigger bands at this moment, listening to their later records or seeing them live is a great joy, and you can hear that the potential was already there on this debut. But for a good introduction to CoB, I would advice Hate Crew Deathroll. Actually I would advice every other record but this one