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mega POINTLESS!!! - 29%

Bolth_Mannn, June 7th, 2010

Well, where do I start with this...Lets just say that this single wins the reward for most pointless release ever. Not only does it only have one song, it is a song readily found on their 'Blooddrunk' album. Some versions come with a cover of the song, Talk Dirty to Me, by Poison, but even that is available on their Skeletons in the Closet album. This single contains absolutely no little bonus's or anything. Oh well, to the actual music.

As far as Children of Bodom goes, Smile Pretty for the Devil is a pretty average song. There are probably about 5 songs on the Blooddrunk album that I would make a single over this, but alas, I am not in control. There is really nothing special about this song. The chorus lick is decent, but not memorable, and the other riffs are just standard late-era bodom riffs. The drumming is relentless and Alexi still has that voice we all know and love. Those are probably the only good points of the song besides the solo. The solo is probably the best part of the song but is completely unmemorable.

There isn't too much you can say about one song releases, but yeah, don't buy this single unless you are intent on owning all of Bodom's releases, and if you are new to the band, start somewhere else, preferrably earlier in their career. POINTLESS!