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Well, at least they picked a GOOD song... - 50%

doomknocker, June 7th, 2010

Singles are a taxing venture, no matter who you are. Usually reserved for the more "accessible" tunes (read: "radio friendly"), most singles I've come across only gives a mere fraction of an album's potential, made all the more strange when you get the album and notice plentiful songs that have much more focus and a better identity than the sampler track provided. And as I look back on CHILDREN OF BODOM's discography, that seems to be the case post-"Hate Crew Deathroll"; once they began their daliance with simplicity, the singles that would prove to be the the taste-test weren't of as high a caliber as those made in the past.

'cept for this.

When it comes to the "Blooddrunk" album, there are plenty oft hits and misses depending on the songs and general take on it. At least this time around, COB release, as their second official single off the album, one of the better songs (better than the first). This here "Smile Pretty for the Devil" track showcases a more refined and angry BODOM, one that was sadly missing in "Hate Crew" and "Are You Dead Yet?", where heaviness is king and a satisfying slab of beefy metaldom comes into play. While the guitars had started to take center stage in the overall arrangements these days to varying degrees of success, it seems to work this time around, as the riffs are thick, intense, and at times mesmerizing (the interplay between the two lead guitars and the bass near the end of the song after the second chorus comes into play). As well, the keyboard arrangements show a bit more energy and intensity all their own, something that most of the tracks off the new album don't seem to cater to. And when they all come together, including the punchy drumwork and Alexi's still-strong-at-times snarls, the product is a damn fine example of BODOM-esque metal that doesn't come close to emulating the finer days gone by but still proves that they can have what it takes to knock 'em dead even with a very skin-and-bones approach. The version I have didn't have the cover, so I'm not sure what to expect...some of their cover material is decent and fun, others are unnecessary, so I really hope it's not the latter.

In the end this is a fine example of what one could expect "Blooddrunk" to sound like, on the off chance they don't have the album yet. Can't say I'd know first-hand what a better representative would be, so this will have definitely have to do.

mega POINTLESS!!! - 29%

Bolth_Mannn, June 7th, 2010

Well, where do I start with this...Lets just say that this single wins the reward for most pointless release ever. Not only does it only have one song, it is a song readily found on their 'Blooddrunk' album. Some versions come with a cover of the song, Talk Dirty to Me, by Poison, but even that is available on their Skeletons in the Closet album. This single contains absolutely no little bonus's or anything. Oh well, to the actual music.

As far as Children of Bodom goes, Smile Pretty for the Devil is a pretty average song. There are probably about 5 songs on the Blooddrunk album that I would make a single over this, but alas, I am not in control. There is really nothing special about this song. The chorus lick is decent, but not memorable, and the other riffs are just standard late-era bodom riffs. The drumming is relentless and Alexi still has that voice we all know and love. Those are probably the only good points of the song besides the solo. The solo is probably the best part of the song but is completely unmemorable.

There isn't too much you can say about one song releases, but yeah, don't buy this single unless you are intent on owning all of Bodom's releases, and if you are new to the band, start somewhere else, preferrably earlier in their career. POINTLESS!