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Good to have all these covers in one place! - 70%

Bolth_Mannn, June 10th, 2010

With so many cover songs throughout Bodom's career, there are a lot of you who just WISH for all of them to be in one, accessible place. Well, not really, but I'm sure that was what Bodom were thinking when they made this. That, or they're just looking for some extra cash. Regardless, this release is a collection of all the cover songs Bodom has done in their career as well as four new unreleased ones.

As for the standard of Bodom's covers, they are really all over the place. Some, like Oops I did it Again, are just there as a joke. Others are really good, such as Bed of Nails and Rebel Yell and others are just plain terrible, such as Aces High and Just In Case. Bodom generally have a sort of feel to their covers, with more distorted guitars (obviously) and a larger range of vocal styles (such as the case where he actually sings on Rebel Yell).

While there are a few covers I think really don't have the classic Bodom sound, such as Mass Hypnosis, the overall standard of this release is high. This is more of a collectors item than a must-have release for you buyers out there, and it is a good collection of all the songs. For this, I applaud them. As for the quality of the songs: There is something for everyone in this compilation, regardless of favourite genre's or bands.