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Not as bad as everyone says - 80%

Dimbatzor, September 17th, 2005

I disagree with everyone here who says COB have sold out. They sure have changed though. No longer is this insane, wild riffs all over the place, this is more aggressive, simpler, more In Your Face music. Some people can appreciate the change, and still tell the different from scum like Slipknot, others can’t.

Now onto the songs.

01 – In Your Face

The second single from the upcoming album. Starts off with a heavy rhythm riff. Followed by Alexi shouting “Go” (could this be replacing his old “Yeow”?) the drums then join in, and after a while a haunting keyboard riff is played. When the vocals come in, you notice a difference, they’re not as harsh as previous stuff, yet they seem to create a certain mood to the music. The chorus to this song is great, and the solos here are typical of COB. “I don’t give a flying fuck mother fucker” does seem a bit repetitive and pointless though. Another complaint of this song is the drums at 1:00 get on my nerves for some odd reason. Anyway, moving on.

02 – Oops… I Did It Again (Britney Spears Cover)

Starts off with some speaking, the instruments come in, spitting and coughing, this is obviously a joke track. Alexi’s vocals are out of tune slightly on this track, and I think this is deliberate. Some random woman (Jonna Kosenen) does guest vocals on this track in the chorus along with Alexi, I think the song would be better without her to be honest. In the middle of the song they speak in Finish about some beer. Anyway, a funny track, only downsides are the woman vocals, and the “woo” at the end (just annoys me).

03 – In Your Face (Censored Radio Edit)

Don’t let this fool you, this will not be played on the radio! The track simply bleeps out the fucks, with a beep. I must complain, the beeps are too quiet to be funny, so really it’s a useless track. The track is actually shortened, so it’s the version the video was made from. I have no clue why it’s shortened.

Overall, this single is like marmite. You either love the change, hate the change, or like I did, go “hmm” and listen again a few times until it grows on you, and you realise it’s just a change. It depends really, do you want to like the new Bodom stuff, or do you want to hate it.

I myself like it alot, but I do prefer the older stuff, Follow The Reaper being my favourite.

80/100 for the few things I said, and the extras (althought the Britney Spears cover is great) just don't live up to the extras of the Trashed Lost & Strungout single