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This band sucks hard - 10%

BurntOffering, August 21st, 2005

Alright, so we get a new single from Bodom. With two songs on it, being a small teaser for the new album. Well, we have "In Your Face" and this song proves that Bodom have fallen under the MTV syndrome. To sum this up for the most part, this sounds like Disturbed with keyboards. Alexi's voice I actually think is better, it's not as harsh as it used to be at all. I don't like growling or anything so it's nice for me, but it's pushing them more into the mainstream and people are not going to be happy with that. The guitar tone is weak as usual, no big suprize there. Alexi is actually a pretty good guitarist, but the solos on this song are just bland and crappy. After the Disturbed wanna-be riffs, we get some modern gheyxcore bullshit. Oh, and instead of stupid Lake Bodom lyrics, we get angst lyrics and Alexi saying "Fuck" every other word. Where the fuck is the speed/power metal? I feel like I downloaded an As I Lay Crying single. Say good bye to the days of Deadnight Warrior and such.

Next we get the Britney Spears cover. Now I'm assuming this is a joke, but even if it's one of the crappiest and un-metal things I've ever heard. It's funny for the first couple of seconds, but then you'll realize how sad and pathetic it really is.

Overall, this is pure shit. MTV really got to these guys BIG TIME. Fuck this band and go get some real metal. I can only recommend this to mallcore and modern homoxcore bitches. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY LIKE METAL