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Bodom strikes back. - 75%

Bolth_Mannn, June 10th, 2010

Here we have an EP promoting the Blooddrunk album, and this is probably the best EP they have done as of late. It contains an edited version of Hellhound on my Trail, as well as 2 cover songs and 3 live songs. As a bonus, they add an uncensored video for the Hellhound on my Trail song.

The edited version is not really any different to the album version, besides being a bit shorter. The song is very good. The drumming is relentless as it is a very fast song. Alexi's voice is as good as ever and dominates this song. The guitar work on this particular song is insane. Thrashy sort of riffs that don't rest. The solo is incredibly fast and fun to listen to. Some of the old group shouts that Bodom used to do a lot are back in this song for the chorus, too.

The next song is an Alice Cooper cover, Bed of Nails. This is definitely my favourite cover that Bodom has ever done, but this may be because I actually like the original a lot. I sometimes actually enjoy this version more. Alexi's vocals are a bit off in the verses but this really isn't meant to be taken seriously. Its a great song, a great cover, and just makes you sing along. The second cover just plain annoys me. It is the song, Just Dropped In, originally by Kenny Rogers. There is really nothing interesting about this song, besides some of the guitar parts. Most boring part of the album.

The live songs are in good quality, and they are very accurate. The energy is great and the song choices are very well done. I'm not much of a live audio listener, so I can't really say that much positively about these songs. The songs are In Your Face, Hate Me! and Angels Dont Kill. Overall, this is a great EP promoting the album, and probably the most enjoyable one from the last two albums. Recommended if you do not like Bodom's earlier stuff, and want to give Bodom another chance.