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Faith in CoB restored - 91%

madhavpr, August 18th, 2013

Let me make it very clear. This album is NOWHERE in the scale of Hatebreeder or Follow The Reaper but this is one of the most solid offerings by the Finnish melodic death metal quintet. It is highly likely that Children of Bodom finally realized how crappy and disgusting their last three albums were and wanted to deliver an album which would be comparable to their old sound. Soul searching and introspection definitely seemed to have worked.

Making mistakes and realizing them after a certain period of time is human nature. What took them so long to correct their errors or blunders is something I don't quite understand but I am pleased that they finally did. Better late than never, as the old saying goes. Halo of Blood is an answer to what fans of old Bodom wanted in nearly eight years. It is a perfect return to form and every song of the album is pure, in-your-face metal. It reminds us of the quality of work that is generally expected from Alexi and co. Right from the opening riff and the melody of Waste of Skin that sounds very similar to 'Hate Me', to the ending theme of 'One Bottle and a Knee Deep', every freaking sound is unique and fresh. The black metal-ish title track is definitely the fastest song ever done by CoB and an esoteric reference to the Indian Goddess Kali on 'Dead Man's Hands on You' was the last thing I expected from them. Profanities have been kept to a bare minimum and are almost non existent. 'Transference' seemed more of a filler at first but it has completely grown on me in nearly two or three months after its release.

'Scream for Silence' is one track that I am not quite fond of in spite of it being highly melodic and catchy. 'All Twisted' and 'Bodom Blue Moon' are poised to become fan favorites in the years to come. The guitar work by Alexi is phenomenal as usual and sometimes I wonder whether he has taken his guitar playing abilities to new heights. Jaane Wirman is a beast on the keys, playing intensely melodic solos reminiscent of his previous works in Follow The Reaper or Hatebreeder. Wounds have been healed, skeptics and agnostics like me have been slapped tightly by highly coherent and structured songs, pounding riffs and blistering guitar/keyboard solos , and prayers have been answered for those who believe in a higher power. I will finish this review by thanking Alexi and co. for this incredible piece of work. I hope these men from Finland continue in this direction and make amazing albums like this in the future.

Favorite tracks- Bodom Blue Moon, One Bottle and a Knee Deep, All Twisted.