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Natural progress - 70%

Tobbe L, June 23rd, 2013

When Children Of Bodom is about to release new material, I always hear that this will be something different and partly innovating, but in the bigger picture to me, Halo Of Blood is just a natural progress from their last album, Relentless Reckless Forever. With their now eighth album, they also prove that this type of metal is sort of narrow. Not being patronizing, but how many versions of these types of songs are a band able to create?

The songs are generally on a solid high level, but nothing extraordinary. The keyboard occasionally finds itself a bit lower in the mix than what we're used to, still being a vital element in their melodic death metal, though. The title track, Halo Of Blood, shows a more brutal side of the Finnish metallers and Dead Man's Hand On You sounds very In Flames and is as close to a ballad you can come within this type of music, yet in the end almost nothing has really changed significantly. It's still Children Of Bodom one hundred percent.

The trademark guitar play with its hooks and melodic parts are, as always, around. The same with Laiho's angry voice as he shouts his way throughout these forty-two minutes. A rather long album by their standards, actually. There's really nothing more to tell this time, so if you're a fan of this band, go buy this record. If you're not a fan, well…give it a shot.

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