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My Favorite Song off of Hatebreeder - 96%

hatebreeder23, April 12th, 2007

Hmmm, so this is Children of Bodom's first single album. I gotta say it’s fucking awesome! It contains two songs, Downfall and No Commands (Stone Cover). When looking at the album cover, it looks almost exactly like the Hatebreeder album cover. The whole cover is colored green (my favorite cover, but who gives a damn), it has a lake (Lake Bodom, I believe), ground with all these trees covering it, and of course, the logos! The only difference I see in the covers is that in the Hatebreeder cover, the reaper is standing on the ground with the scythe in his hand and his other hand pointing in some direction. However, this cover has the reaper almost covering the whole picture, but faded out almost til the point where he is invisible. But anyways, on to the music.

The first song is "Downfall", and you already know it’s my favorite song off the album Hatebreeder. I must admit I didn't like this song when I first heard it. Then after three months, I got into it. Now, I can't stop listening to it! It's an awesome song! The real highlight of this song is the keyboards, but the other parts rule too! This song is probably the best keyboard performance by Janne yet! To me, the best part of the song with the keyboards is at approx. 2:25-2:53. They sound really epic, especially with everything else added in. Overall, this is one of the greatest Children of Bodom songs I’ve ever heard. It's my second favorite over all there other songs (The Nail wins first).

The last song is called "No Commands", which is a Stone Cover. I don't know anything about Stone, except they made an awesome song for Children of Bodom to cover. The funny thing about this song is Alexi's vocals, it sounds like a cross from his vocals on Something Wild and Hatebreeder, probably because it was released in 1998 and that was the year between the releases of those two albums. This song is also available in the Japanese version of Hatebreeder as track number 10. This is also another great song. The best part of this song is those riffs at 2:30, they sound like Iced Earth: Night of the Stormrider riffs. The ending of this song is awesome too, making a great ending to a great single album!

Overall, this is probably COB's best single album. I hear this album was the reason Children of Bodom could schedule a concert in Japan (Tokyo Warhearts).