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Plain Stupid. - 8%

Bolth_Mannn, June 9th, 2010

The stupid thing about this release is that they don't release it WITH the official DVD. The DVD of this concert is amazing, the general atmosphere as well as the stage show is just brilliant. Releasing a separate audio version? Whose idea was this? The audio is just not the same.

There are no songs on the live DVD that SOUND better than they do on record. The whole energy and stage performance is what makes Bodom's shows so enjoyable, and obviously, this CD completely lacks that. None of the songs are performed bad or anything like that, its just that, unless you are blind or something, you will not find any enjoyment out of owning this CD. But then again, if you are blind then you aren't reading this, in which case, my point still stands that this was a stupid thing to release.

The solo's are great, the vocals are accurate and the Clash of the Booze Brothers solo battle is exceptional, but the whole idea of this CD is just pointless. There may be somone out there who would prefer to just hear the live version than watch AND hear the live version, but I doubt it. This was a stupid thing to release and you should not waste your money on this unless you are an anal collector. Great DVD, terrible idea of a CD.