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Bodom's Back - 89%

Dasher10, April 14th, 2008

After the release of the absolutely banal Are You Dead Yet? Children of Bodom had a lot to prove to their fans with their follow up since they went from one of the world's most celebrated metal bands to one of the absolute most hated and criticized. Blooddrunk somehow redeems the band and proves that Alexi is no longer trashed, lost, and strungout on jenkem anymore.

Yes many of the groove riffs are still there but this time they're actually catchy and aren't overused like they were in the past which makes the album that much more enjoyable. In fact, One Day You Will Cry is almost entirely composed of groove riffs but is still one of the absolute best tracks on the album and is one of the catchiest songs that Cob has ever made.

Another thing that becomes apparent starting with the first chorus of Hellhounds On My Trail is that the keyboards are no longer as nerfed as they were on AYDY. While they aren't as prominent as they were on the first four albums, Janne has at least become a part of the band again rather than a vestigial limb and the atmosphere that he provides on the title track as well as the 8-bit video game sounds of Tie My Rope truly make all the difference on this album.

Once again, the guitars and drums are played with an incredible amount of skill and while they may not be as fast as those of Hatebreeder, they're still extremely fast and Alexi and Roope are still putting out excellent riffs and solos while Jaska's drumming is tight as ever.

Blooddrunk's greatest strength is it's diversity since it's by far the most diverse album the CoB has ever put out and it has fast paced songs like Hellhounds on My Tail coexisting alongside slower songs like Banned From Heaven. Overall, it may not be Bodom's best album, but it's a huge improvement over AYDY and one of the best albums to have come out this year.